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long time no post

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More playing around with GIMP :)) Teddy/Victoire icons for no particular reason other than I didn't want them wasting away on my computer.



guys................... IM STUCK! i have NO F*&^%NG clue as to what to do,
and every try i write is a mess! its not fair!

however the idea of "Teddy going to the 'Great war memorial wall' in the
middle of the nite, breaking down in tears, and Krum Jnr finding him" keeps
running through my head like mad.

gah, HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: im also sick, bloody flu, too much aircon and playing with little cousins, so i might not answer straight away.




Chapter 2

I finished it. *major squee*

It's about 1800 words, and I just sent it to Huffie to check, and then I'm going to post. It's behind the cut.

Fray, I guess it's your turn next. Have fun, he's hard to write, but incredibly worth it.

What do you think?

Okay, so here's the deal.

Since Paddy is unable to get on the computer for an indefinite amount of time, we're gonna shift her to the bottom of the list and everyone else up one.  That will give her the most time to convince her mother to let her back on, and we can continue as planned.

So, the new list is as follows:

Cupid still has place one.
Cuba is in place two.
Frayed has third.
Dizi is fourth.
Love is fifth.
Huffie has place six.
and Paddy now has seventh.

And as before, all is still up in the air.  If you would like to change your slot, just comment to this post or PM me, and it can be arranged.


Hello ladies.

I have talked to two artists, one who has readly agreed to make us a Teddy icon.

You may know her, her username is Kobe Grace. 

Kobe has said, and i quote

"I'd love to do the icon thing, and can
totally do it now that my hand is on the mend. Anyway, give me more details on
what you'd like."

now, kobe designs an AMAZING teddy! to see what i mean...........................

  This image is Teddy and Vic in the Epi by JKR.

So, what do we want Kobe to incude in her design for us?

1: Proff he's a HUFFLE? Like his uniform or a scarf?
2: what about his eyes?  his hair?
3. Is he little? is he big?
4. ANything else we need to include, like  the story title, or his name, or the name of the FF.net Community.

Ok, let me know what u want.

Dizi 85 - Icon and Image Witch.

Teddy Icons

Can someone please find a Teddy icon for our userpic? Please? Because I haven't found a good one anywhere.


20 Facts about Terrific Teddy =P

Ok, my idea. Remember that 20 facts challenge of cupid? We all take that on, about Teddy. 20 simple facts about Teddy, just so that we can all get a feel for him, and start to think a bit more about his character, because apart from cupid and her first chapter, none of us has ever written him. =)


I’ll do it anyway, and it’s just an idea if you are interested.



So I've got the introduction written, only because of the three-day posting thingy on FFN, I can't post it yet.  So, I figure, I can post it here, and we can work any kinks out (i.e. "You have GOT to be kidding me.  This is NOT Teddy Lupin, you fool!") before actually posting it.  Also, title is currently tentative, though I like it a lot.  Tell me what you think.

(Note:  I went freakin' insane with the parentheses.  I'm terribly sorry, I just couldn't help it.)

(Oh, and someone needs to elaborate on Teddy's theory about Nymphadora.  As in, in a oneshot.  Like, now.  That smacked me as I was writing, and I went, "awwww, Teddy, you poor thing.")


Hello ladies of The Room of Disquieting Muses.........

this is Dizi, just wanting to make sure that i'm able to post.

while im here, i suggest that we have an entry that is our  "profile of Teddy" where we have bullet points of what he's like at what age, the basic facts we all need to know as we continue to write, etc, etc.

Ok, im outie.

Dizi (AKA: ashwinder eggs)